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32 Coupons to Fill In. Dinosaur Edition

Colourful Voucher Booklet for Children in Prehistoric Style with Dinosaurs - Fun Gift Idea for Parents and Children

Booklet with 32 Colour Vouchers to Fill in and Cut out, in a Special Dinosaur Edition

Time is the most precious treasure and promises are important!
Reward your children with small promises they can reclaim whenever they want
Or, give them the booklet so they can give you their tender promises to make you happy

Using coupons is quick and easy:

  1. Fill in the coupon with a promise
  2. Cut out the coupon
  3. Give the coupon as a gift
The recipient of the coupon can redeem the promise by the expiry date

Yerly Lab Coupons are a perfect Gift Idea for couples with children or for children to play with.
Also great for a birthday

Give the whole booklet as a gift to anyone you like. Maybe you too will receive some nice promises :)
Have fun!
More details:
  • 32 Coupons to Fill In
  • 21x15 cm

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inside page of the book
inside page of the book
inside page of the book
inside page of the book