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101 Things I Love About You

My Message of Love - Give a Personalised Book to the Person You Love - Perfect for Anniversaries and Birthdays

Show the depth of your love with the most original of gifts: a book written by you. A unique gift... just like your story

Thanks to 101 tips you can express your feelings in a simple way and create a message that says 'here are the 101 things I love about you'. Your book will be different from any other because it will tell your story. Through your memories, your emotions, your precious moments and those little things you have never forgotten and always carry in your heart

The colourful and playful design will make the book a pleasant gift to write and beautiful to receive and read

101 Kind Questions
They will help you express your feelings and explore your love story in a simple way. You will be surprised to discover how many emotions and memories you have inside

The Perfect Gift
The recipient of this book will be delighted to discover what you feel and perhaps never said. They will be able to keep your words and read them whenever they want.

+ A Little Bit Extra
The book includes a creative space left at your disposal. These are the Message Pages. You can customise them as you wish, adding writing, stickers or scrapbooking-style cutouts. Or a nice photo of you

More details:
  • 101 cards
  • 21 x 21 cm
  • ISBN: 9798364482020

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